Roof Runner’s Roofing Repair!

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Source: Roof Runner’s Roofing Repair!

You can find me in the Yellow Pages.

I have a spot in Google+. They have some really interesting pictures and Blanc. Good source to find good people.


Author: Roof Runner's Roofing Repair

Hello, I'm Dave the Roofer. I am the one that comes to examine and give you an estimate on your problem. The best news is that I am also the one that comes to fix it Hands-On. I do all this with a smile on my face because I am satisfied being that Roofer for you and fix all your problems. Another good quality of my company is the guarantee. I give a 20 year workmanship guarantee that if anything goes wrong with what I did I can fix it for free. Having done this for 17 years, I come across problems that are different every day. Metal roofs, shingle roofs, tile roofs... etc... my crew and I are standing by at the ready to take care of those needs. Quality stands out for me. Not only for materials but quality relationships with my customers. I enjoy what I do and it shows through the work I do. Why not give me a try? Call me and see if we don't connect on a friendly level and we can move on from there. Thanks for taking the time to visit Roof Runners Roofing Repair!

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